DIALux – LIGMAN Premium Membership

It’s fair to say, DIALux, with 700.000 active users, is the world’s leading software for planning, calculation and visualisation of indoor and outdoor lighting. The free software, offered over 25 different languages, makes professional lighting design easier and accessible to everyone. 

LIGMAN, who has been an official member since 2011, decided to upgrade to PREMIUM member status this year. PREMIUM membership comes with several advantages. Two major ones are:

1- A unique premium plugin for LIGMAN is being developed by the DIAL team right now. The plugin will offer more functionality and will incorporate new LIGMAN corporate colors. The plugin will be launched very soon. 

2- With the new membership, LIGMAN will be able to provide ULD format for it’s range of luminaires. 

ULD is the most comprehensive data format for importing luminaires into DIALux. In comparison with conventional formats such as IES or LDT, ULD files include far more product information and a higher quality of the photometric data, improving the accuracy of the calculation results. Additional features include the ability for complex luminaires to be accurately modelled, encompassing multiple optics and aiming and realistic visual representation is 3D renderings.

You can find ULD files on our web site. 

LIGMAN is keen to be more designer friendly and taking all the necessary steps to achieve this goal.

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