International Lighting Design Family Tree with Light Collective

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Family Tree (noun) A drawing or diagram that shows the relationship between the different members of a family, especially over a long period of time.

It’s often said that the lighting industry is one big family. You can easily move from one branch to another but like many families, it is complicated and over time, the career paths of designers span many companies and also countries.

In 2011, Sharon Stammers and Martin Lupton of Light Collective scribbled out their personal branch of the Lighting Design Family Tree. Then in 2014, they went on to create a bigger family tree to include other designers in the UK to demonstrate the entangled mesh of practices and people. UK designers shared their roots and journey with them and enabled them to create a colourful graphic.

Now, Light Collective are ready for something bigger.  With the help of LIGMAN and arc magazine they are planning to create an International Lighting Design Family Tree.

The International Lighting Design Survey in arc magazine 2019 is the biggest yet with almost 1600 lighting design practices featured, so the new family tree is going to be global, exploring the links, backgrounds, education and career paths of the lighting design profession.  

Light Collective are asking designers to provide their data to help them get it right. They would like you to use the link below to share with them the companies you have worked with in your lighting design career. You just need to currently be working as a lighting designer.

They plan to use this data to create a physical version of the International Lighting Designers Family Tree on the LIGMAN stand at Light & Building in 2020. If you don’t get around to adding your data online, you can visit and add yourself on to the wall.

If you do add your data, come along and see what we have created.

Participate by sharing your information here:

LIGMAN is excited to be supporting this massive undertaking and there will many more announcements and updates in the months and years ahead!