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LIGMAN IoT-Ready or LIGHTCONNECT™ is the next generation of exterior luminaires that provide the platform for deploying multiple sensors to collect data and by using the latest “sensor-ready” LED drivers, process and deliver that information to the cloud via any of the world’s most popular CMS systems providers.

LIGHTCONNECT™ promises to deliver future proof applications to any city through open protocols and industry leading standards such as Zhaga and DALI.

All LIGMAN LIGHTCONNECT™ luminaires feature multiple Zhaga Book 18 sockets for sensor inputs, the latest sensor-ready LED drivers and support for communications modules via the current NEMA 7 standard socket or by the new Zhaga Book 18 socket.

LIGHTCONNECT™ will ensure compatibility into the future and support the multitude of new and varied sensor developments that will take advantage of this simple and cost-effective city-wide platform.

View the LIGHTCONNECT™ Catalogue here by clicking this link:

Whilst all our new products will be IoT ready, there are many luminaires within the existing LIGMAN range, as detailed in this catalogue,  that have already been adapted to support the LIGHTCONNECT™ concept.

The LIGHT LINEAR PT range of decorative solutions, shown below, is a perfect example of how easy it is to integrate new drivers and multiple sockets, allowing clients to benefit immediately from smart city initiatives or in the future as more and more options become available.

If you want to learn more about LIGMAN LIGHTCONNECT™ or have an enquiry for your project, please contact your local sales representative.